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We take time to truly get to know your personalities and tastes, allowing us to customize each event around what is most important to you. We showcase your style with intention and ease, creating unforgettable, lasting experiences. 


One of our primary objectives throughout the planning process, and on the day of, is to ensure that a carefully orchestrated flow is maintained throughout the event--maximizing enjoyment for you and your guests.


Our top goal is to ensure you enjoy the process of planning a beautiful customized celebration for your favorite people. We guide you throughout the entirety of the planning process -- creating an unforgettable party while eliminating stress.





Designed under Pearl Events Austin

From the initial stages of planning, Katie got a grasp of my style and taste and ran with it. The entire process was smooth, stress-free, and most importantly, the wedding was executed flawlessly. To plan and run a 430 person wedding with a smile on your face and calm demeanor must be stressful, but you couldn't tell with Katie. Each and every detail was noticed by all, and we still have guests reaching out to us weeks later about how perfect of an evening it was! I owe so much of that to Katie and her team.


Designed under Pearl Events Austin

Katie, owner of Tone Events, was flawless. Her design creativity, communication skills, people skills and knowledge of the industry were beyond beyond. She listened to our wishes and created the perfect wedding for our daughter and her new husband. She was also very sensitive to our budget and charges a very fair amount for the NYC wedding industry. As the Mother of the Bride, I highly recommend her to plan your perfect day! Katie is a “diamond in the rough”.


Designed under Pearl Events Austin

Katie is truly amazing!! We were so lucky to work with her during such a special time in our lives! We hired Katie to help with the planning in the final several months leading up to our wedding. She immediately took an incredible amount of time to study all contracts end-to-end and get involved with all outstanding planning questions; my mom and I were so impressed with how quickly she got involved - it felt as if she’d been part of the journey all along! Her attention to detail and eagerness to do whatever she can to help are truly amazing qualities - and exactly what you hope to find to help manage the (fun) chaos leading up to your wedding day! She is extremely responsive and always upbeat and solution-oriented. All of our vendors echoed that sentiment - and they had such a great experience working her and benefiting from her tremendous organization and wonderful ideas! 


Designed under Pearl Events Austin

Katie is so incredibly kind, detail oriented, easy and wonderful to work with, honest, and has the best ideas! She truly gave us the greatest gift, which was getting to enjoy our wedding planning process and ultimately, really enjoying our wedding day. We didn't even know if there were any issues that came up, if there were because she handled everything so well! She's incredibly organized and has the best personality. My whole family is referring her for every upcoming wedding she was so great! Believe me, you will be SO glad you hired Katie. Not only was she amazing to work with for us, but our families as well as our vendors loved her as well! Her team is incredible as well, and the bridal assistant, Lexie, was key on our wedding day too! 


Designed under Pearl Events Austin

She was the best in providing advice, options, ideas and then execution and follow through on the big day. The wedding and all events went so smoothly. She is a professional and has planned so many weddings that she is well aware of all the needs and details and the timing required to organize, finalize and bring it all together. There were no glitches. Katie also helped plan the wedding brunch party the next day at our home. Again she had great ideas and suggestions in the planning stages and then coordinated all the work with the rentals and caterers so that we could enjoy the party and spend time with our guests.


Designed under Pearl Events Austin

She was a huge help in selecting the right vendors for our wedding vibe and helping to determine pricing and quantities needed. Throughout the process, she also helped us stay organized and ensure we hit our necessary milestones. She became my go-to person to help brainstorm and share my ideas.  She knew how to handle all stressful situations and was a calming and delightful presence. She made sure every detail was in place, we stayed on time, and everything ran smoothly and as intended. Each time I saw her approach on the night of my wedding, I knew it was time for the next event. Otherwise, she and her staff were busy bees in the background making sure everything went off without a hitch. In the end, Katie became more than just a wedding planner but truly a friend! I couldn't have done this without her.


Designed under Pearl Events Austin

We were truly impressed by Katie's professionalism, attention to detail, operational skills, unique insight and ideas, and awesome personality! Katie is the most detail oriented person, but is extremely laid back, friendly, and fun! She quickly built a genuine relationship with my mom and me and made sure we enjoyed the planning process. We are both extremely "Type A" and opinionated, but Katie earned our trust from the very beginning. She also has the BEST ideas of little details that can impact your event in a VERY positive way. Because of Katie's knowledge, skills, relationships with vendors and no detail too small mindset,  I could relax and enjoy the wedding day. 


Designed under Pearl Events Austin

Katie was organized, quick to respond, on top of EVERYTHING and thought of things before I even did. She knows exactly who to call for the type of look or style of wedding you want. She thought of every detail and honestly made my wedding the perfect day it was. If I ever had any issues or questions, not only was Katie quick to respond but she was always so happy and willing to get me exactly what I wanted. On the day of Katie was awesome. I never felt overwhelmed or rushed, and everything flowed so well. Best coordinator and planner EVER.


Designed under Pearl Events Austin

Katie IS THE LITERAL BEST PLANNER AND MAYBE PERSON IN THE WORLD. No but really. If you want to have an awesome wedding and not have to think about anything the week of your wedding then Katie is your girl.Our experience with Katie was the most comforting and peaceful element of the wedding process! I was a bride who wanted a wedding that was NOT traditional and Katie embraced my quirkiness and desire to have a wedding that was out of the box early on. She helped guide me to small touches that ultimately on the night of the wedding were picked up on by guests as some of their favorite elements. Nothing phases her and she controls the room like a pro. Not only is she a fantastic planner but she's fun, hilarious, kind and a joy to be around.


Designed under Pearl Events Austin

I have nothing bad to say about Katie! From beginning to end, this lady was flawless! Every suggestion and comment she had was right on point and made our wedding better than we could have ever imagined. She has a great eye for design and brought my very specific aesthetic to life. She thought of everything and paid attention to every detail so we were able to enjoy every single second of our day, which is so important and I appreciate more and more in hindsight. Couldn't have asked for a better planner!


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